HASU clinic is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments and facilities.

Here are just a few of the devices we work with:
  • Fully automatized cycle from MELAG – the leading producer of sterilization equipment
  • Latest generation Autoclave class B, which performs the sterilization
  • The disinfection is performed in special cleaning machine MELACLEAN
  • The cleaning, oiling and disinfection of the handpieces are performed by ASSISTINA (Switzerland)
  • The packing of instruments in special kraft-packets is performed by a special instrument packing equipment (Germany)
  • X-ray examination is performed by radiovisiograph SIRONA (Germany), a world leader in the production of X-ray equipment, which provides 98% decrease of radiation in comparison with other X-ray equipment.
  • Dental devices are unique as well Their assemblage was performed specially for our clinic, with the selection of latest modern options and facilities.
  • Dental implantation is performed by W&H Implantmed, which provides quick and non traumatic placement of implants.
  • The endodontic treatment of the root canals is performed with advanced technologies, including the system Diapen, which provides perfect sealing of root canals, eliminates the penetration of infection even in lateral microcanals; apexlocator of 5-th generation Raypex-5, with the help of which the length of the root canal is detected.
  • Qualitive treatment is possible only with a coordinated treatment plan. With a special computer programme we are able to demonstrate clearly the personal treatment and open individual tooth ID.
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